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Resolution News has regular contributors, as well as guest post contributors. Some of the posts are found on their individual social media accounts or blogs, and some are original articles exclusively for Resolution News. When first developed, the idea was to bring encouraging writings from writers other sources together in one place, and has expanded to bring original content as well to help you live your best life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are excited to launch in the fall.
Max Davis
Best-selling author and Journalist, as well as a faith-energizing speaker, Max lives in south Louisiana with his wife and best friend, Alanna.
Kristi Fontenot
Co-author of a best-selling novel, columnist for a lifestyle publication, and inspirational blogger, Kristiís first nonfiction book will debut this year.
Sharon Carroll Green
An insurance agent for over twenty years and co-author of a best-selling book, Sharon values family and God above all else in her life.
Vickie Hall
Author of Please Donít Divorce Me, columnist for DivorceMag, and co-author of a best-selling book, Vickieís next title releases in 2022.
Michelle James
A case manager, children's behavioral health advocate, and author of My Magic Glove, Michelle focuses on childrenís mental health.
Michelle Jester
Author of eleven books, Michelle is also an Editor-in-chief, and a PR, Media, & Publishing Consultant. She lives in Louisiana with her husband.
Brandi LeBlanc
Owner of Barbelle Beauty Fitness, LLC, Brandi is a contributor to several publications and holds four nationally qualifying titles.
Ann Purvis
Writing under the pen name Elizabeth Collums, Ann is retired from USPS and author of the novel, Passengers. Her next novel releases this year.
Macy Rushing
Author of childrenís books and stay-at-home mom, Macy lives on a farm in Louisiana with her husband and together they have three children.
Karen K. Scott
Serves on the board of directors of Fatherís on a Mission, on the media team at her church, and is a Shipping Technician. Karen lives in Louisiana.
Sara Simoneaux
In marketing, a regular contributor to a lifestyle magazine, and co-author of a best-selling book, Sara lives with her husband in Louisiana.
Emily Smith
A life coach, public speaker, blogger, second grade teacher, and Bible study leader, Emily lives with her husband in Southaven, Mississippi
Shannon Ory Smith
A legal secretary and co-author of a best-selling book, Shannon lives with her husband in Meadville, Mississippi. She has a book releasing in 2022.
Megan Taunton
Author of I Think I Want to see Jesus, host to a Christian podcast, and blogger, Megan has four additional books releasing in the next two years.
Yvette Whittington
Contributor to several publications, author of the novel, The Toolbox,  Yvette works and lives with her husband in Louisiana.